We are ready

Now it is time, on June 1st we will open the Antica Canea Luxury Rooms again for our guests.

The summer season is just around the corner, and here in Crete, the weather gives us even more summer days in autumn and winter.

The Venetian harbor has been active again since Monday, the restaurants are open again and the bars can liven up the atmosphere.

The city of Chania is alive again!

Every day, various airlines report that they are planning Greece with new flights. This is because the islands of Greece have practically no Corona cases.

The government’s early measures have so far given Corona little ground to attack. The Greeks immediately put back their freedom-loving nature and stayed at home. In contrast to Italy, Spain, France and Turkey, the number of people infected with corona is significantly lower in Greece.

Therefore we are sure that the travel enthusiasts will pay special attention to Greece this year.

We are ready …. and you?