Thank you

The year comes to an end. What we all had to experience / survive with COVID in 2020 is unimaginable if we hadn’t had to live it ourselves.

The island of Crete lives mainly from tourism, most jobs are dependent on it. The income from spring / summer must also be sufficient for the winter to survive the cold season. Very few have additional income in winter and this income is also shrinking due to lockdown and the corona crisis.

Tourism stayed away because of fear. We were only allowed to receive guests for a limited period of two months, with many measures and extra costs to avoid the spread of the virus.

With great hope for a vaccination, we are preparing, at least mentally, for the next season. Courageous, optimistic guests have already made bookings for 2021. We thank you for that. At the same time, and above all, we would like to thank the guests who took us into consideration this year and who spent their summer holidays with us. Thanks also for the extraordinary number of reviews that you have written, the new score of 9.6 points (0.1 more than 2019) on proves that we have done our job well.

In this way we will prepare for the year 2021, we will be there for you again with a lot of motivation and commitment. We are already looking forward to it.

Even if a little too early, we wish you and your family good health, a Merry Christmas and a better year 2021.

The Team of Antica Canea Luxury Rooms